PONGO PUDIPHATT - tales from a portly cat

There's been a complaint that I'm more interested in tweeting than blogging.  Not true.  That's Julia.  Here's some photos.

Me and Bill cwtching.

Don't know where he thinks he's going.

Me enjoying my nipknot.
Pru enjoying the nipknot wrapping!

This is how tabby cats sneak about and blend in.

. . . and he now does deliveries

Bill in the library - he's been helping me read about Dewy.

This is Christmas next door at the museum.

This is Star - she comes in for dry toast!

Pru has started intimidating doggies through the windows in the shop,  In fact she now chases them from one window to the other.  Julia asked some visitors who were laughing at her going mad to move away and they called her a stupid old cow and swore at her.  And they looked soooo posh, too.  Julia is NOT old (or stupid - EDITOR) but Pru is a MONSTER.

Don't worry doggies, she hasn't broken through the window.  YET!

Also Friday - Tammy, this is my disapproving face just for youuuuuu.

Friday - Pongo does not approve of Tammy cuddling other kitties!

Sunday - Pongo has met his first mini human today.  Logan will be 5 on Thursday.  Pongo loves Logan and hopes that Logan loves Pongo back.  Happy Birthday, Logan!
Thursday - much,  much later.  Pongo has been remiss and has not bloggeded.  His is a busy puss with many, many responsibilities.   Checking shop, checking cushions on chairs in shop.  Checking  all the chairs with cushions in shop.  Checking chairs without cushions.  Ogling children going to school.  Checking bed, many times a day.  Checking that Billy the Kid has not been fed without Pongo being in attendance.
Strange scratch marks have appeared on the wall at the top of the house.  It is nearly Halloween.  Is it the mysterious ghost kitty?  No, it is Billy the Kid trying to catch the UKKOO when itnips out to UKK.

Thursday - We haven't been fed for a week!

Friday - Tom's doing kitty photos

Thursday - Someone pee'd on the bed last night!!!!!.  I don't think it was me.  No one is admitting anything but Pru is now wearing TenaKitties.

Tuesday - Last night Julia put an UKKOO clock in the new kitchen.  It is a lovely new kitchen and has nice things for cats and a posh gate to keep us out of the cakey, bready and soupy cooking bits.  It was a lovey ukoo clock.  It was a lovely ukoo till Billy the Kid slapped it round the ear.  He is now Billy the Ukoo Slayer.

Wednesday - Pongo says "Billy - When you hide, you're supposed to keep your head in!"

Friday - Sharing.  What's mine is yours.

Saturday- Caught in the act and feeling guilty.


It's Good Friday - and this is THE KID in pose mode.  How cool is that?
This is Julia's new softy ware wot Peter did.  It's called Perfidy Photos

Thursday - hurrah - Julia is getting to grips with the PearMac.  Here is a beautiful black and white Pongo (but not a lot of Peter).

Thursday- Prudence Kitten has suddenly become very cuddly.  She sits on my lap and Julia's lap and John's lap.  Not very discriminatory, is she?  Billy sits on the laptop and makes funny words and noises.

Friday - Peter came in for lunch and gave me a great big cuddle.  To say thank you, I covered him in hair.

Tuesday again - Julia is have to learn how to use a new computer.  It is called a Pear.  She can't do pictures yet.  She says I've got to write stuff instead!  

Tuesday open again tomorrow no more lounging about - best bib and tucker and dj.

Thursday - Who says I've got big feet?

Sunday - That kitten can be soooo disapproving!.

Thursday - I've updated my profile.  I'm told that it is a hansom profile.

Wednesday - Billy is an official shop cat.  So young!  Such responsibility!

Saturday - Not only does he have big feet that's all HIS tail!

Monday - Billy the Kid and Prudence Kitten are friends.  True.

Sunday - Billy the Kid likes to cuddle up to meeeee.  Julia wanted to take a cute photo but her phone was flat.  You can't get the staff nowadays! 

Tuesday - Billy the Kid is now a proper shop cat.  He has learnt how to:
1. Pose in the window
2. Stick his tongue out at dogs
3. Cuddle-up and shed hair on a valuable Persian rug (or two)
4. Hide when it is time to go upstairs
5. Squeeze under the counter
6. Sit on the key board and play with the mousy thing

Wednesday - Old Moses went to live in the garden yesterday.  We are sad but he isn't.  He is living next to his sister, Maggie.  They will both like that.

Friday - Billy keeps escaping.  He is a tabby puss and knows all about camouflage.   He can look like a shoe if he wants to.  I can hide among other black and white kitties like Pru.
Displaying IMG_20150610_132155.JPG
Thursday - I tawt I taw a puddy tat.  I DID.  He keeps jumping on meeeee.

 Sunday - Pru and I like to sit in the window with Jean's KINDA kitties!  We are NOT for sale.

Saturday - This kitten likes to dress-up.

Friday - still playing Mr Cute!  But look at those feet.  I hope he doesn't bear grudges.

Wednesday - He is not a kitten, he is a mini, striped fuzz ball.  Have met and touched noses and given him a belt to show who is THE boss.  I don't think he understood.

The old boy likes him and licked him but he is so short-sighted now that he probably thought BtK was a bit of dinner.  Pru is scared stiff of him. Ha ha.

Thursday - another one - Whoopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  John & Julia are picking up the KID on Sunday.  He's living with Ann - like Lu & Pru did.  Julia is taking Ann a photo of Lu & Pru and meeeeeeee.

Thursday - we are having a boy kitten - whoopeeeeeeeee!  He's called Billy the Kid.  God, he's cute.

FRIDAY - Julia says I'm lazy because I only ever post photos and don't write my diary any more.  Doesn't she appreciate the stress involved when one is a care cat?  It's not enough that the old boy is totally dotty but I have to wash Pru's ears and interrupt Lulu when she is eating (most of the time) and find somewhere quiet to sleep (most of the time).  I am supposed to have posted a special video for Simon from Seren (Lorraine is one of my biggest fans) but Julia is useless and couldn't up-something it.

Wednesday - have a look at Pru and Lulu

Saturday - Pru finishes clearing out the Christmas window for Julia.

Friday - We are family!

Thursday - Pru has pinched my spot on Jean's bed.

Thursday -  We are worried about Little Puss who is a stray tortie girl who lives by Chapel Close.  Julia has made her a special shelter because of the horrible weather.  I said "Bring her here, I'll look after her" but Julia said she thought it would not be fair to Lulu.  We hope that CP will look after her.

Friday - Tammy has done another 'Hunt the Kitty' competition.  This one is easy.

Friday - Julia has painted a new A-frame for the front of the shop.  And Pongo is on it.  Not a photo just my name.  'Come and meet our care cat Pongo.  Wow!!!!

Friday - I thnk that the old boy has had a face-lift!

Saturday - Here's a picture of Jean's knitted kitties taken by customer, Dawn.  Look at Pongo at the back!  Dawn rescues real kitties too.

Wednesday - Pru is nearly as big as her mom now.

Thursday, the next, next week - Oh but I can do cute.

Thursday, the next week - I am continuing the good work and waking them up for 4.00am.  They don't think I am clever any more.  Julia called me a 'flat lump' this morning.

Thursday - John & Julia went on their holidays for the day yesterday. They had to get up at 4.00am to catch their train at Craven Arms station (home of my friend, Black & White Platform Cat).  I woke them up at 3.45am.  They think I am a very clever Pongo and gave me a big cooch. Actually I was a very hungry Pongo.

Friday - too hot.  Spending the days stretched out on Jean's bed.  (So what's new, Pongo?)

Monday - Playing 'Spot the Kitty'
Pru on flower pot, Lulu on wormery, Moses eyeing-up the gate and me, looking gorgeous.  Julia says that you can click on the picture to make us look bigger 


Thursday - Do you remember Julia and the Great Escape?  Moses either went over the wall or through the tunnel this morning.  She is busy checking for how he did it.  Clever old sod!  (Moses not Julia.)

Wednesday - now he wants his own blog.

Friday - The old boy is soooooo famous.  He is in 3 newspapers and has a picture on the into something.   And Pongo is soooooo famous too 'cos I am in the paper and Julia said I am Moses's 'care cat' because I clean him and cuddle him.  I am sooooooo proud.
Just good friends

Oldest cat in Powys?

This is Tilly Hughes.  She lives in the garden.  She could read!!!!

Banged-up again!
Friday - Call me Pong - Max Pong aka xxx7.  Prudence is now known as mini Pong 'cos she looks just like me (not guilty).

Lulu in the kitchen

Tuesday - Prudence Kitten is now fully qualified in waking up her people ten minutes before the alarm.  This is very clever as she is not yet one. Tilly Hughes used to wake people up with a gentle stroke of the paw on the nose.  She was a 'previously owned' cat like me.  
Me, I'm more of a podger on the nose with a claw.  Pru jumped on the bed this morning when Julia was pretending to be asleep.  She jumped in the air and landed with all four paws on Julia's tum.  That is so cool.

Friday - Pongo Puddiphatt and Moses Roberts have been to visit Rob in the Old House next door.  We admired his new fireplace.  John left the gate open.

Adopt an old codger like Moses

Friday - Now Julia has a cold as well.  We are still sharing our bedroom.  It is lovely and warm.  Julia can't open the window because Pru sits on the ledge and tries to tap the rose outside.  She is a very nosey cat. The other bedroom is always ccccold.  All the windows are open in the winter and there is trellis everywhere to stop escaping kitties.  Pru uses them as a climbing frame.

Friday - John has a cough so we are sleeping with Julia in the spare bedroom.  Julia has made me a special bed out of a memory foam pillow and a lovely soft fleece.  She says it is special because Pongo is special and takes up too much room on the bed.

Monday - Prudence has learnt to paint.  She helped Julia paint the kitchen walls.  She has blue paws.  Lulu helped too.  She is a white, black and blue cat.  Moses and I know how to paint so we slept on Jean's bed.

Moses is a bit miffed because Helen, his favourite vet of all time, has left because she is going to have a kitten (he means baby).  Moses thinks she should stay.  He knows what a nuisance a kitten can be.  They pinch your food and get away with it because they are cute.

The next Saturday - Oh the shame.  Pongo got stuck in the stairs chasing Pru.  I must loose some weight.

Another Saturday - Prudence Kitten is advertising for Felix

This is meee with very scary eyes!!
Julia is no good at editing.

Saturday - this is Lulu, Prudence Kitten and me remembering yesterday.

Friday - John left the back door open this morning and Lulu, Prudence Kitten and I went exploring.  I was in charge, of course and we didn't tell them where we had been.

Do you remember how Lucy used to get Julia out of a chair by walking over her from arm to arm?  Well I am better at it.  I am heavier.

Wednesday - Another Wednesday, of course.
Prudence has got tacking-stitches!.  She had her op yesterday and was a bit groggy for 10 minutes and she wouldn't talk to Julia for 2 hours.  (She doesn't like being shoved in the cat basket and rather took the hump.)  She is now tearing around like normal.

Wednesday - Pongo has been negligent - he will pull his paw out.

Thursday - Pru was supposed to go for her operation next week but she is too light still.  Should learn from me and her mum.

Friday - Lulu shops till she drops

And Pru can read upside down!

Thursday - Prudence Kitten is the best alarm kitten - she sat on John's head this morning.

John and Julia have been closed for a week whilst they decorated the kitchen so us kitties have had soooo much fun.  I am a black and white and gloss paint Pongo now.

Wednesday - Prudence Kitten is disgraceful - she pulled the net curtain down in the dinning room and now she's eating it.

Thursday - this is the kitty that Jean knitted for Emma Bywater.  Her Mum, Jane, is our local press photographer. (www.janebywater.co.uk)  I wish I could look as laid back as Scooby Cat but Julia said it's because he's stuffed and I am already so laid back that I look stuffed. 

Photo: Thank you Jean for my lovely new Scooby cat


Thursday - Prudence Kitten fell into the bath last night.  She made a very big splash for a very small kitten!

Saturday - I am teaching Prudence how to become an alarm cat.  This morning we learnt a little about human anatomy and physiology.  She now knows where John's bladder is.  She might be light but she has highly effective teeny feet.  Thinking about it - we could hire her out as a massage cat.  ( Or acupuncture!!!)

Friday - Good grief!  Sarah, who is one of Puddy's new persons, (and, incidentally, the rescuer of Lulu and Pru) gave Moses a catnip toy and the old soak has just beaten me up.  He just can't handle the highs and lows now.

Thursday - Yesterday morning, we all slept on the bed together!  It was very companionable and friendly - a bit like a 1960's commune (so I'm told).  I also enjoy it when we all eat together.  We all do circuits of the bowls to check that there are no favourites.

This is Puddy - he has been rescued twice!  He was my friend in NCP.  He now lives in Knighton.  And that is the station cat from Craven Arms only one station away from my home in Church Stretton. His name is 'Black & White Platform Cat'.  Bet we are related.

Sunday - Prudence says "I wish they'd change the programme! - I'm sick of soaps."
Thursday: I am now a fully qualified baby kitty-sitter.  Lulu leaves Prudie with me and we play at swinging on curtains (not me, I am too stout) and chasing round curtains and hiding in curtains.

It is sooooo hot that we all sleep together on the landing outside Julia and John's bedroom.  That means that when Prudie wakes up she has a very long circuit of bedroom, bathroom, living room, dinning room, three landings and three lots of stairs to whiz around.

Moses gets lost at night and stands by Julia and howls and she cuddles him and tells him where he is.  He is 22 in two weeks. 

Wednesday - it is two weeks since my last post and what a week the last one had been.  Lulu and Prudence Kitten arrived last Tuesday and we haven't had a minute's peace since.

Lulu is very shy and reserved.  We have had a very pleasant touching of noses.  We will become very good friends when she settles in.

Prudence is not very shy and neither is she very reserved either.  She is a very tiny kitten but she thunders around like an elephant.  You can hear her running up and down from in the shop.  She is quite sweet but she tried to play with MY ribbon so I told her off.  She also tried to play with my tail.  We touch noses a lot and I am very well mannered and only give her an occasional tap but she has got to learn about life, hasn't she?

Lulu is the cat who sat on the mat and Pru is on one of her many cushions.

Monday - Trevor the Vet gave me a pedicure today - ready for the new girls. 

This is the first Prudence Kitten

Friday - Guess what? - Lulu's little boys have gone to new homes but her little girl doesn't want to leave her mummy (Good grief, Pongo - get a grip) so she is coming to live with us.  I wonder which one she is in the photo.  Julia says she will be called Prudence Kitten.

Wednesday - Wow (again) - Julia has got photos of Lulu and her babies. Wow.  I hope she likes me. 

Potted Pongo

Thursday - Thank you Tammy.  You have so captured my good looks.  The old boy isn't so bad either.

Thursday - Julia has been Spring Cleaning.  This involves making me move off my favourite settee/radiator.  I am not amused.  She has taken my favourite cover off.  She says she is going to bin it!

Friday - Julia left my favourite cover on the landing for John to take to the tip.  I have reclaimed it. 

Thursday - I am sick of snow.  Julia is sick of snow.  John is sick of snow. Moses doesn't care.
I pinched his prawns today.  I don't like prawns but there is a principle here.

Sunday - I climbed onto the bed this morning via John's toes.  I didn't know he knew words like that.  My photo is on the Simon's Cat website and I have 4 'likes' already.  Lucy is on there too.

Tuesday - Julia says I am  going to adopt a new kitty.  She has some babies so we are waiting for them to be a bit older so they can find some lovely new homes.  I am going to be a daddy to Lulu.  (They are not my babies - I had the chop many year ago.)

Friday - It's snowing again - this means that I can lie by the radiator all day and don't have to pretend I want to go out.  The staffie from over Tom's shop tried to eat Julia yesterday.  I ran and hid in the house. 

Thursday - Oh yes and something else.  I met a kitty from next door called Snowy.  She likes to lie on her back and wave her paws in the air.  Each to his/her own is what I say. 

Wednesday, 13th March - Pongo is back after what Julia calls blog problems.  She blamed a man called Mr McAfee.  I had so much to tell you but I've forgotten.  Will have a snooze and think about it. xx  Oh yes, I am now on Twitter.  Lucy didn't want to tweet but I like the birdies.  

Wednesday, 27th February - Julia spent all day yesterday dog-proofing the patio for Moses and me. She says that the staffie who lives over Tom's shop will eat me if he ever catches me and that the two collies who live in the landrover behind our shop will think that we are sheep and herd us into the sheep dip.  It looks very nice and she has planted lots of primroses too. When she had finished she let me out to try it. I showed her how to go straight over the top of the gate.  She said I was very clever - and then closed the gap.  She was humming the theme tune from The Great Escape.  
Look what I found - all contributions welcome.

Saturday (the next one) - Overslept.  Am in disgrace.  Found sleeping on Jean's bed.  Have been relegated to reserve alarm cat.  Have to do some heavy duty (no comments, please) smoozing.

A quick note from Julia:  As Lucy said, "everybody loves Pongo".  He really is a kitty in a million and he has done so much to keep old Moses going.  I caught them yesterday sitting side-by-side with Moses licking Pongo's head.  Why do I never seem to have a camera handy?

Wednesday - I met Tammy's dog Aston yesterday. He is a chihuahua but he does not speak Spanish. He is smaller than me so I spat at him.  He does not speak cat either.

Saturday - Oh, the shame - everyone overslept until 6.15 this morning.  Julia says why can't I do it on their days off.  Julia is going to France in July with the school choir.  She is running about shouting that her passepartout has expired.  Who will cuddle Pongo?  I need my two persons together because I can count to two.

Wednesday - Julia has started calling me Pongo Puddiphatt - she thinks she is clever. 

Actually, I quite like it.

Tuesday - I went out into the garden on my lead.  I am so cute.  I sat on Julia's lap and sunbathed.  Watch out birdies  - Pongo is back.

Saturday - this is Susan's Lucy.  She is weird.

Thursday - and I'm in trouble again. John says that no normal alarm clock goes off at 5.30am.  Especially by sitting on your head and sticking a claw up your nose.

Friday - I am in trouble.  I keep running into the shop when I shouldn't.  This is because I am unbelievably cute and everyone loves me and says I'm beautiful and I am.  Julia says that not everyone loves me especially doggies and I will learn for myself. 

Julia's friend Lisa says that my mum or dad was probably a British Shorthaired Chincilla pussy cat.  Now that IS posh. 

I have discovered what is called the "back of the settee along the radiator"  This is a very special kitty place.  This is where Tilly used to lie but Lucy never bothered 'cos she was here in the summer.  Well, that's what Julia says.

Wednesday - well that was Christmas in Wales.  I had a lovely time 'cos John & Julia were around to give me more cuddles and kisses than I get when the shop is open.

 ....... and look at meeee

Friday - I am a very successful alarm kitty.  When I chose Julia to pound up and down on (don't forget the toothy nibbles as well), she woke John up and told him to feed the @%&&##cat.  (I think she meant Moses.) 
I have had my first Christmas card.  It is from Julia's friend Susan.  Julia says she is ace with something called shopping for photos (or something like that).  It is Lucy looking cute. I loved Lucy and she showed me the ropes in the shop so I know my duty properly.  She was, however, quick with a belt with a paw if I didn't behave myself.  I will hang it above my bed. (Beds - I think you mean, Pongo - Editor's Note) 

Wednesday - I have a new job. I am a Kitty Alarm Clock. My job is to pound up and down with all my claws on stomachs at 5.45am and purr very loudly. This is a very important job. I know it is important because John shouts very loudly and that wakes Julia up and she then says "Has the alarm gone off already?". 
Julia says I must tell you that Lucy now lives in the garden. We will all miss her in the house and she has kindly let me take over this blog.  She is close to Maggie. They both like that. They growl at each other.

Thursday - Julia says I have to do more writing and less talking about it.  I think that a mousy is for chasing not for rolling round a red pad. Did you know that Julia has a mousy mat with Simon's Cat on it?  That woman is obsessed with kitties.  Thank God! 
This is me taking Tammy for a walk.

Friday - SNOW!!!! 

Wednesday - Julia's friend, Susan has sent her a picture.  Does she think this is me?  I am a black and white kitty and I am comfortable with my size!

Why is it women never think us men can do anything?  My name is Pongo (never found out why but I'm told it suits me).  I've been here a few weeks now and have decided to stay (despite of the insults).  I'm a black and white kitty and Lucy could be my mum (grand-mum, great-grand-mum etc. ad infinitum) - please note, she may speak Welsh but I speak Latin. But she's not - because I'm an English pussy cat and unless she roamed a bit she can't be my mum.  Julia thinks that there may be posh cat in my genes 'cos I've got a very nice coat and big round eyes.  She also says I'm fat!  I believe the bits I want to.  Unlike Lucy, I am not bad-tempered.  I am a big softy.  Please note - that is big not fat.

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