CROESO, LUCY DW I Welcome, I'm Lucy.

Sadly, Lucy died after 6 months.  We were never sure of her age, but she had 'been about a bit'.  She had a wonderful six months and acted as if she had lived with us all her life.  Now read all about her life at Tower House Gallery.

Lucy has come to live with us from Cat Protection - Newtown.  She is about 14 years old, has high blood pressure and renal problems.  She is an utter delight!  Oh yes, and she only has 3 teeth left!

This is my special 'Please adopt me' look
Wednesday - 27th June - Hello - I'm Lucy and I'm the new (I think I'm 14 but I don't feel like it) cat on the block.  I've been told I can tweet or blog - but, come on, I'm a kitty not a bird!
I arrived yesterday from my old home with Carol at CP Newtown.  Everything is a bit strange to say the least and I can smell at least two other cats around.  I sort of met one last night when he barged into the room where I'm living whilst I 'acclimatise' to the new digs.  Bit old but at least he has more teeth than me.  We had a quick hiss and spit then he barged out again.  My person says his name is Moses.  More like Methuselah!
Thursday - Met the old codger again yesterday. He howls - my whiskers, I've never heard anything like it before. He howled at me then he spat (and my person told him off) so, forgetting my manners, I spat back. He walked off - job sorted.
My person lets me out for a bit now and I'm starting to explore.  My other person keeps picking me up and cooching me. I'm not a woosie pussie (yet). 
Friday - 6.30am - Good grief they don't half get up early here!  Just had my breakie and then showed I still knew how to clean my face.  You'd have thought I'd swung from a lamp post on a trapeze the fuss SHE made.  Who's a clever Kitty then?  Will keep a few more of these tricks up my sleeve for later.  My person, by the way, is called Julia.  About time she introduced herself properly.  She has been combing me and I've found I really like it - especially the bit on my back I couldn't get at.  I think I may stay. 
Sunday - I've missed a day.  What happened?  Guess  what?  I've met another kitty.  There I was eating my breakie when this chunky looking tabby stomped in.  Well, I did my usual thing - calm and collected.  We nosed, one of us growled and she stomped out again.  Julia looked scared - it appears that this one is notorious.  Must be my charm.
 Wednesday - 4th July  Just had what THEY call a weekend.  Lots more cuddles; found something called a sofa; got to growl at the old codger (who totally ignored me). 
Saturday - Wow - I have just discovered tinned tuna!  Why have I been missing out on this scrummy grub for fourteen years?  (Editor's Note - great for disguising medication.) 

Sunday  - Watched a horror film with John last night.  Kept paws over eyes for most of the time.  This is a photo of Morris - he says he's an admirer and that he is a big lad.  Wow! 
Tuesday - Julia took me to the Vee Ee Tee for my MOT.  I like Trevor so I think I'll go back.  Julia says they have a Vee Ee Tee called Lucy.  Bet she's lovely just like me!  Hee hee.
Thursday Night - Watched Die Hard 4 with John and Julia.  I have to say I prefer the Lethal Weapon series of films. They are so much more animal friendly.  I adore the one where Danny Glover rescues the kitty. 
Saturday - I had my first visit to THE SHOP this morning.  It appears that I will soon be expected to take over my duties of:

  • looking cute,

  • sitting in the window and looking cute,

  • talking to the customers and being cute.
Sunday - oh boy, oh boy ...... sardines!!!!!!!!  Only a little in case they upset my tum.  Julia says they will make my coat look even lovelier.  She now combs me every day after breakfast and I luuuuv it. 
Thursday - missed a few days again.  Had to go back to the Vee Ee Tee  'cos I had sissysomething and couldn't wee.  But I'm ok now.  However, Julia keeps inspecting my kitty loo.  There is no privacy here!  (I do love it though.)  Forgot to say that I actually went OUTSIDE the other day.  Awesome.  Lovely view. 
Sunday - love this weather.  I am sunbathing on the arm of my favourite armchair.  This, of course, is the most comfortable chair in the house (thank you, Community Support shop) and John and Julia take it in turns to sit in it. I keep walking across them from one arm to the other till they give in and sit on the sofa.   They need to know that it is MY chair. 
Friday - sorry I don't blog so often now.  Please don't think that it's the 'same old, same old' but it's just that I'm now so laid back that I have to make an effort to get off THE CHAIR.  However, this morning I was forcibly moved and told to come down and be sociable.  So I did.  I had my second breakfast in the kitchen (Julia says I'm more like a hobbit than a kitty).  I went out onto the patio and had a walk round the shop.  If you are around at about 7.00am each morning you may see me peeping out of the shop window.  Don't forget to wave. 

Sunday - this is the Kitty in the garden! This one doesn't growl! 
Wednesday - Julia says I've got to confess that I sat on her lap yesterday.  She says this makes me a 'lap cat'.
Tuesday - OFFICIAL!!!!!  I AM A SHOP CAT NOW.  I went 'missing' and they found me on a chair in the window.  I got lots of kisses. 
Wednesday 8th  - the grumpy one and the old one are both 21 today.  Wow - that makes them 101 in people years!
Sunday - The old boy and I are now regulars at 7.00am in the shop.  He, of course, is usually fast asleep.  Julia has decided that I only speak Welsh as I often ignore her.  Actually, I think that I am just a cool kitty.

Friday - well, I told you about the chair and it is, as you all know MY chair.  So why do they both try to sit in it?  However, I think I now have it sussed.  I sit on the arm and smooch (you know - little head-buts, a little purr) then, when they are thinking 'how cute this kitty is', I walk across to the other arm (heavily, over chest or stomach).  Then I eyeball them and walk back.  I repeat this manoeuvre till I get the desired effect.  Come on, kitties of Knighton, you too can do this. 
Friday (but the next one!) - Another new game called "Don't go un-noticed".  Every time you see a kitty you hiss, spit and growl putting a lot of feeling into the nuances - i.e. this is my pad now - you two oldies can bog off.  Am getting told off, but who cares.
Sunday - I like this.  Thank you, Julia's friend Susan who has a doggie called LUCY.  Got to be beautiful too.

This is one cool kitty

Wednesday - just refused my breakfast.   Because I liked it last night doesn't mean I want it for every meal, for goodness sake. Got told off and moaned at about the high price of medication. So what - I'm worth it.
Friday - Julia found this picture of the old geezer when he was 14 like me.  Still think I look better!
Monday - Oh boy - I am not only a lapcat, I am the original lapcat.  I am sooooo happy.
Monday - Julia says that the Grumpy  One has gone to live with Tilly in the garden.  However, she is not too close to Tilly because they hated each other!  She also says that I am not to be disrespectful as I will be grumpy and old one day.  As if!
Saturday - Julia is going to find a picture of Maggie to put on my blog (why?).  She says that she was the prettiest kitty ever and looked like Judith Kerr's Mog.  So I suppose we had better watch this space.
Saturday (a different one) - John and Julia went out for the day, yesterday on something called a train and Harri (she's Morris's person) came and fed me - so I sat on her lap to thank her.
Julia says that Pongo is coming to stay on Tuesday.  I know Pongo and I know why he is called Pongo! 

Tuesday - OK, OK OK!  I never said he wasn't cute.  I know everyone loves Pongo - even the Old Geezer loves Pongo.  However, I am determined.  Deep down there lies a horrible moggie trying to get out.  It is my duty to expose him.
Saturday - Curses and double drat.  Pongo and Moses are in love.  This may make my task more difficult.  I showed my disapproval by throwing-up all over Julia.  However she just gave me an extra hug and kiss.  She is not getting the message.

Thursday - I went to the Vee - Eee Tee and met Lucy!  How cool is that?  She said I was very well all things considered and then she cut my nails for me.  I've never had a manicure before. 

Wednesday - It is a sad, sad  day when a mature lady kitty has to admit she may have been wrong.  I like Pongo.  He is a big wimp.  I only have to growl and he runs and then comes back for more.  He is not evil.  He is stupid.  Such fun. 

Thursday - Tammy has taken a photo of me being cuddled by John.  Unfortunately, she has also taken one of Pongo.  This is my blog. 
Great fat fool
Small cool kitty
Friday -  I have promoted Pongo to shop cat. However, I will still come down at 7.00am every day to check him for cuteness and to growl and belt him round the earhole. It is expected of me and , therefore, my duty.

Thursday - gave everyone a surprise this morning when I got caught 'out of bounds'.  I was patrolling Jean's bedroom during the  night, got tired and then fell asleep on her floor.  No one knew that I do a sneaky look round occasionally.  Did you know that Pongo sleeps on her bed?

Monday - It's official - Pongo is taking over the blog.  Julia says that I can now retire and have a rest.  Let's see what sort of mess he'll make of it! 

Lucy eventually became blind as part of her illness and was euthanised by our vet.  She is buried next to Maggie in the garden under a big shell with 'Little Angel' on it!  She was certainly no angel but had a very happy and secure 6 months.


  1. Lucy would like to hear from other admirers!

  2. Hi, it Morris here (that handsome looking cat in your photo) , just writing to say you write great blog Lucy, which is informative & funny at the same time. Hope you have great new life in the metropolis of knighton town with John, Julie, Julie, Moses & Mags, and other fantastically great & talented cats like myself. all the best Morris :-)))

  3. Morris here again, thought I better let you know I borrowed that dim witted bloke Huw Lewi's computer to write this comment, as my computer is out of action.

    1. Ooh Morris - you are lovely and I thought you typed well too!